In Labyrintho, you are trapped in a maze.  To escape the maze, you must find and collect four talismans to unlock the exit gate (you will have to find that too).  If you take too long, the darkness will swallow you.


This is more of a prototype that I made for the #LOWREZJAM, but I may develop it further!

Music and sound was done by me, but some sound effects (footsteps, water, clock ticking) were grabbed from

NOTE: You can play it in your browser, but the downloadable version will run better.  The HTML5 version is missing reverb and has some audio looping issues.  I don't have access to building Mac/Linux versions at the moment, but I will release those when I have the chance.

Mouse/Keyboard Controls:

Mouse - Look around

W - move forwards

S - move backwards

A - strafe left

D - strafe right

Spacebar - jump

There IS gamepad support, but it might not be properly configured/tested


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Windows Version 33 MB
Mac OS X Version 36 MB


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you game is good, but the dowlodable version is not working, you can make a 32 bit version?